1: Tracy Childers – Membership Tips Learned From Over 100,000 Membership Sites

In this first episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, Micah Mitchell interviews Tracy Childers about how he got into selling memberships and how he made his exit.

Tracy is the co-founder and former CEO of WishList Member, a membership site software for WordPress that’s been around since 2008 and is trusted by over 100,000 unique sites. WishList Member was recently acquired by Micah who is working alongside Tracy to continue to grow it to new levels.

In this premiere episode, you’ll learn about the following…

  • How Tracy started his own software membership and grew it to being used on over 100,000 different sites.
  • The secret question to increasing member engagement & retention (8:50).
  • How Tracy and his company used customer feedback to drill down to what his members actually needed (10:55).
  • Why you want your membership to be more like a utility company. Nobody wants their electricity shut off. The same should be said for access to your site (17:15).
  • Something most people don’t tell you when your business starts getting bigger. (30:30).
  • How to stay motivated when things don’t seem to be clicking into place like they should (49:10).

This episode is sponsored by WishList Member. If you want to get a membership site funnel blueprint at no cost, visit this site: https://wishlistmember.com/funnel/

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