12: Dave Dee – No Holds Barred, World Class Speaker Talks One-To-Many Selling and Direct-Response Marketing

In this episode of the Memberships and Courses Podcast, you’ll hear from Dave Dee, World Class Speaker, Webinar Selling Expert, and Trusted Advisor to some of the biggest names in the world of marketing talk about his journey from getting fired from his job to closing 7-figure deals that have helped him live his dream life.

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Thinking of starting a membership site? Or growing your existing site? What if you had access to 100s of years of combined membership site experience…Each week we’ll bring on a new guest to share their perspective and ideas surrounding starting, building, marketing, and growing memberships and courses.We’ll cover topics such as the secret to captivating any audience, how to never run out of content for your membership site, how to “bluff” your want into any industry, and tons more.If you have ANYTHING to do with memberships or courses, this is a podcast that you simply won’t want to miss out on.

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