11: Sean Cohen – COO of AWeber Shares Expert Advice on Communicating with Members, Expanding Your Team, and the Future of Email

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In this episode of the Memberships and Courses podcast, you’ll hear from Sean Cohen, Chief Operating Officer at AWeber. Sean shares with you his inside knowledge of how email has changed over time and how you can best leverage it to grow your own membership or online course.

Sean also shares his tips about growing company culture, hiring, training and other related topics we often don’t think about when starting a brand new membership site… BUT that will be relevant as your business grows.

Just a few highlights from this episode:

  • Set your mind free: Sean lists down the unnecessary things you need to ‘Unlearn’ when it comes to company policies, how it can help triple your team’s productivity and turn your company into a well-oiled machine. He also shares a sneak-peek into some insider operations on AWeber company culture from the COO himself. (3:56)
  • Listen to Sean’s amazing response to anyone who claims “Email is Dead.” He also shares the number one reason why people are not signing up for your email list and ignoring every CTA you put out. (9:48)
  • Keep your email list from constantly searching for the ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ button and give them a reason to keep coming back for more by using this clever tactic from someone who has sent billions and billions of emails. (12:28)
  • The not-so-secret email marketing tactic that will help your campaign go from a boring mess of a sales letter no one wants to read to something that people might actually enjoy! Jon Correll, Matt Blumberg, and Benjamin Murray also use the same tactic to their advantage. (12:59)
  • Your email list hates you for this… How to turn your negative headaches into a positive challenge that will make your audience wait by their phones for your next email. (13:41)
  • The marketing mentality that helps you become the world champ in your audience’s eyes and not some annoying marketer trying to blast their inbox with irrelevant emails. (14:12)
  • Meet your best friend when it comes to becoming an expert at email marketing and tripling your email conversion rates. Instead of running a campaign that’s dead on the water, your new bestie will help you let go of any doubt, uncertainty, and overwhelming fear of low open and conversion rates in your email marketing campaigns. (15:57)
  • You’ve got it all BACKWARDS! The priceless life lesson Sean has learned that has helped him and countless others to flourish in their careers, expand their businesses and provide better services to their customers. Almost everyone gets it all wrong, and it makes them a risk and liability for their company. (19:44)
  • Sean shares an eye-opening mindset that will humble and amaze even the top email marketers of today. It’s a liberating mindset that will help you be less afraid of becoming irrelevant in your niche and change the way you look at email lists forever. (38:15)

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