7: Brian Kurtz – Serial Direct Marketer with 40 Years of Experience

Our podcast interview today is with Brian Kurtz, a “serial direct marketer” with 40 years of experience. Brian knows what he’s talking about with direct response, subscriptions, memberships, and more.

Get Brian’s new book “Overdeliver”: https://overdeliverbook.com/
More about Brian and tons of free resources: https://www.briankurtz.net/

Key highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • To connect, you have to contribute. You contribute to people on a regular basis, that’s how you make deep connections – better than networking.  It’s the quality of the relationship that really matter. (3:47)
  • The problem with slapshot marketing. (9:19)
  • The essence of direct response marketing – getting renewals is much more exciting because it means you deliver what you promised, you created an environment that people want to stay in. (10:25)
  • O-to-O-to-O and toggling between the two. Offline to Online to Offline. (14:31)
  • The audience will tell you if your marketing program works, or if it doesn’t. If you’re looking for feedback on what you’re doing, direct response marketing is the only way to go.  (28:10)
  • No direct response marketing business can survive without repeat business. (48:13)
  • Living your legacy > waiting for your legacy. (1:04:02)

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