8: Jan Koch – Freelancer Turned Virtual Summit Master Talks How to Build a List, Boost Camera Confidence, and Generate Extra Cash When You Need it Most

Jan’s sites mentioned in the show:
Virtual Summit Mastery
List Building School

In this episode of the memberships and courses podcast, we talk with Jan Kock about how he got started in his virtual summit business.

Jan shares a really cool list-building technique that you could use to build a massive list without much upfront investment (possibly even none).  It’s all about running virtual summits.

You offer virtual summits that are free to attend to build an audience. Industry experts will present at the event and you can charge for upgraded event passes that include extra bonuses.

Jan also shares some of his tips and journey around building confidence on camera, what type of equipment you need to get started, and more stuff you’ll not want to miss out on.

Just some of the highlights…

  • How to get unstuck when you’re in a dangerous business rut (2:52)
  • How successful entrepreneurs bring everybody together (8:53)
  • How Jan and you can leverage your perceived weaknesses into strengths (15:19)
  • The secret all ‘experts’ know that will make YOU an expert once you hear it (18:11)
  • Step-by-step, insider information about validating your niche (28:17)

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