9: Tristan and Sabrina Truscott – Persistence, Mindset, and the Journey from Brick and Mortar to Online

Tristan and Sabrina’s site mentioned in the show:

In this episode of the memberships and courses podcast, we talk with Tristan and Sabrina Truscott about their journey from brick-and-mortar to online, their advice for staying motivated, and much more.

You’re going to learn about their business and how they help people discover healing through Qigong. What started out as a very personal journey for Tristan suffering from a back injury led to an online membership site (or dojo as they call it) that is serving thousands of people worldwide.

They share the 5 i’s of mastery that most people don’t know even exist. This is something you’ll want to know for yourself but also as you’re designing your courses and training.

You’ll get to learn some of their strategies around increasing completion rates for their programs such as helping their students get a “quick win” to stay motivated.

The entire episode is packed with stories, real life experiences, and key takeaways you won’t want to miss.

Just some of the highlights…

  • How DVDs changed their business and what it means for you.
  • What motivates them beyond just income to keep serving their students.
  • How persistence is one of the most important things in business. Tristan’s “black belt” that everyone has. Something you accomplished that you can reflect back on. And a reminder to always stay a student.
  • Expansion vs Contraction – The mindset needed to grow and change. Especially to grow or create a business.
  • The 5 I’s of mastery. There’s at least 3 things in here you’re not already doing that’s holding you back.
  • How they took a brick-and-mortar “open-house” strategy and translated it into the online space.
  • How to know who to follow and listen to. Because there are many proven marketing/growth systems but they won’t all fit your style and business.
  • Sabrina’s simple yet uncommon copywriting tip you can use today to make sure you’re staying authentic.

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